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It’s become sort of a habit of ours to take a Sunday morning drive from Saratoga Springs to Cambridge, NY to pick up a box of freshly made King’s Donuts. The King’s are second generation bakers who have been selling their homemade donuts from a cart in front of their house since 1997. They start selling their donuts around 8am and by 11am, they are usually sold out.

We have, on more than one occasion, excitedly hopped out of the car only to be disappointed that they were sold out of our favorite donut, the Bismark. I usually pick out other donuts but I am a creature of habit and there’s nothing sadder than looking forward to a special treat and not being able to get it. (OK, there are a lot sadder things than running out of my favorite donuts but this is a food blog so let’s focus)

Luckily, if you call ahead, the King’s will kindly set aside the donuts you want, so you never have to face the heartbreaking devastation of a missing donut. Last Sunday, though we called ahead, they must have been really busy because no one answered the phone. Deciding to try anyway, we drove to Cambridge and pulled up just as the empty cart was being unloaded at the back if the house.
The boyfriend, sensing that there might be some sullen grumpiness (I never claimed to be a paragon of maturity) decided to call anyway and this time they picked up the phone when they saw it was us. I wasn’t expecting much but then the BF started smiling and put the phone on speaker so I could hear them say that they felt so bad that they ran out of our favorite donut and not wanting to see anyone disappointed they improvised a new kind of donut just for us!

They took six of their jelly donuts, scraped out the jelly and squirted Bismark cream inside. They called them special Jellymarks and said we could be their taste testers. I shoved money at the BF and pushed him out of the car and waited while he went to the back of the house. The BF came back to the car, money still in hand and said they wanted us to have the donuts for free since they were an experiment.

Well, I hate to be too jaded but 28 years of growing up in Brooklyn gave me some thick skin and little belief in the kindness of my fellow humans, but that morning, my two sizes too small Grinch like heart truly did grow three sizes larger.

And the donuts? Though I remain a Bismark Purist, they were fantastic!


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The driveway donut cart...

Upstate New York is not exactly a culinary mecca but in humble towns both large and small, there are gems to be found. The King’s Bakery at Double K Farms in Cambridge, NY is one of them.
Every Sunday and Monday morning, the King’s sell donuts from a cart in the driveway of their charming home on Main St. in Cambridge, NY. They sell their donuts for as long as they can push the cart down the driveway, pretty much as long as there is not snow on the ground.

I’ve never particularly cared for donuts but that’s likely because I grew up with Dunkin Donuts. The King’s donuts are nothing like the donuts that I knew growing up. The King’s make their donuts in the kitchen of their farmhouse. James King, often assisted by his mother Sally, produces donuts, fritters, pies and danish of such extraordinary character that we frequently make the 45 minute drive from Saratoga Springs to pick up a box of their prized treats, often waiting in lines 10 or 15 deep and 10 or 15 minutes long. They are worth every moment spent waiting.

The sumptuous selection

When you get to the front of the line, you are greeted by James’ wife, the lovely Jana King. She will patiently explain the offerings to you and box up your selections. I am always pleased by the reasonable prices for these hand made delights. I never manage to leave without a dozen.

My favorite donut the King’s make is the Bismark.

The Bismark

The Bismark is an almost impossibly light puff of fried dough that is sprinkled with the finest of superfine sugar, cut in half and filled with a cream that is something between a whipped cream and a Swiss meringue frosting. I’m dying to know what it’s made out of but in the mean time, I am content to eat far too many. Happily.

If you visit the donut cart, you can contact them on Facebook to be sure they’re open or call them at 518-677-3530. They’ll even have your order ready for you as we found out this weekend when I wanted to be sure I’d get my precious Bismarks.

King’s Donuts at Double K Farm
108 West Main Street
Cambridge, NY 12816

And in case you are wondering, no, you will not find a better donut anywhere upstate NY from Albany to Lake George…at least.

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